Asim Pandya, Senior Advocate

Asim Pandya, Senior Advocate

Shri Asim Pandya is a designated Senior Advocate. He is Former President of the Gujarat High Court Advocates' Association and the Founding Partner at Asim Pandya & Associates.

FAQ-Portfolio Managers

SEBI INVESTOR EDUCATION PROGRAMME SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (PORTFOLIO MANAGERS) 1.      Who is a Portfolio Manager? A portfolio manager is a body corporate who, pursuant to a

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List of MCA Services & Links

DSC Services o    DIN Services o    Mater Data §  Acquire DSC §  Associate DSC §  Update DSC §  Enquire DIN Status §  Verify DIN PAN

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Transfer of Property in India

Never buy any property that doesn’t have all the original papers intact for at least past 30 years showing clear ownership. Ask for original papers before paying any considerable amount.

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Lease agreements: essentials and cautions

It is always better to get a lease deed/rent agreement in writing on a stamp paper, duly notarized before a Notary Public, entries be made in his register, duly witnessed by two healthy and young(wherever possible) local witnesses with their full identity and addresses.

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In terms of Paragraph 2.02 of the Foreign Trade Policy, all imported goods shall also be subject to domestic laws, acts, rules, orders, regulations, technical specifications, environmental and safety norms as applicable to domestically produced goods.

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