DSC Services

o    DIN Services

o    Mater Data

§  View Company or LLP Master Data

§  View Index of Charges

§  View Signatory Details

§  View Companies/Directors under Prosecution

§  Companies/LLP’s Registered in Last 30 days 

§  View Director Master Data

§  View Director/Designated Partner’s Details   

§  Advanced Search  


o    LLP Services

o    e-Filing

§  LLP Forms Download

§  Company Forms Download

§  Upload eForms   

§  Download Submitted Form for resubmission    

§  Check Annual Filing Status

§  Upload Details Of Security Holders/Debenture Holders/Depositors  

§  Update Subsidiary Details  





o    Complaints

§  Create Service Related Complaint

§  Track Service Related Complaint Status

§  Create Investor/Serious Complaint 

§  Track Investor/Serious Complaint Status

§  Feedback / Suggestions

§  Employee Grievance 



·         Other Resources

·         Reports

·         Company/LLP Information





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